Quick Editor

Click the Quick Editor icon from the tool bar to launch the Quick Editor. The Quick Editor lets you customize the most common style properties such as colors, fonts, and patterns of vector tile layers:

Quick Editor screenshot

How to use the Quick Editor

The following section describes how to use the Quick Editor to start customizing colors and styles for one of these layer groups: Land, Water, Roads, Boundaries, Buildings, or Nature.

Customize colors

  • To change individual colors of the above vector tile groups, you can change the individual hex values of colors, e.g., #cbff89, or click on the boxes next to the hex values to open a color picker:

    Quick color picker

  • Or use preset color themes for a single color by clicking on the Customize Color Theme button.

    Quick custom color button

    Then click a color theme (Monochrome, Analogous, Triadic, Complementary, or Compound) and a base color:

    Quick custom color presets

Using the Quick Editor interface

Recolor icons and patterns quick recolor icons Whether to recolor icons and patterns, e.g. like change the color of all highway signs to match the selected Roads color
Label colors quick label picker Either leave the text font and halo colors to their default values, or choose Pick Label Color to edit the font (Label Text) and halo (Label Halo) color values for basemap labels:
quick pick own label colors
Label contrast quick color contrast Change the font color contrast relative the background. The available options are: Low, Medium, High, Maximum.

Note: the Medium and High options correspond to the AA and AAA use contrasts, respectively
Font quick font picker

Replace all the fonts used by the style with a single font:

quick font editor

Label size quick label size Change the label size to be Smaller or Larger based on the current size of the labels

You can change label sizes multiple times.
Road width quick road width Change the padding around road labels to be Narrow or Wide based on the current width of the road.

You can change road width multiple times.