Sprite Editor

Access the Sprite Editor from the Edit icons and patterns button on the toolbar. Sprites are raster images created for special effects, such as textured patterns, road shields, and point symbols. Here you can change, add, and remove sprites and patterns.

Sprite Editor Screenshot

Downloading and uploading sprites

If you only need to change the color tint of sprites, click on an icon to open the Sprite Editor to change the tint of all icons for all sizes across the entire vector tile style.

sprite new

For example: Above, the Road/Ushape white green road sign sprite has been tinted red.

If you want to add your own sprites, or make modifications to the sprites currently available, you can download individual sprites:

sprites download sprite

and then after you edit the image file, replace and upload your own sprites:

sprites upload sprite

Alternatively, if you have edited icons and basemap sprites before, click Add to upload .png files from your sprites. For example, the black shield sprite was modified from, and has replaced, the Road/Ushape blue white road sign symbol in the below screenshot.

sprite new icon

Viewing sprites

In the Sprite Editor, if you click on a sprite you can view sprites as icons:

sprite view as icon

Or as a pattern:

sprite view as pattern

Deleting sprites

Sprite Editor Screenshot

Individual-sized sprite icons can be deleted one-by-one. First, navigate to the icon by clicking it directly in the map and then by clicking Edit image in all layers in its layer panel. You can also find it in the Edit Icons and Patterns () menu. With the icon panel open, click the trash can () icon and accept the dialog. To undo the deletion of an icon, click Reset Style () or Undo () in the left menu, but note that undeleting an icon will no longer work once the layer has been saved.

Using sprites in your layers

After adding, removing or editing sprites you apply them to your layers with the Layer Editor in the Icon Image or Fill Pattern properties.